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The events of Snow White happened 150 years ago and life has continued at the dwarfs cottage almost untouched...

Despite the fact that they are known and loved around the world, the dwarves have tried to retain a sense of a normal life as they live on into the new world.

Except, whilst half the camp continue to work down the mine, the others are running "The Snow White Memorial Museum".
And in this lie problems... big problems.
Witches and poison apples are out of the picture, only to be replaced by the council, planning permission, overdrafts and a rival fairytale museum thats being built just on the other side of the forrest.

One dwarf feels his hold on the group is slipping away and starts a sequence of events that none of them will forget.

Will they live happily ever after?

This reading will be the first time the play has been read in front of an audience, and is on for one night only!

Performed by an exciting group of young actors this play aims to transport you back to your childhood and show you how things have changed for some of your beloved characters since you were last there.

As this is a tender project, the writer would love to encourage any feedback or questions that you might have about the play as he hopes that your suggestions can really assist in shaping this really promising project.

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Hannah Banister
Harry Belch
Teddy "Sleeps" Daily
Timothy Gutteridge
Harry "Hap" Happleby

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