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Platoons of the latest replicas of Banksy roam the landscape, led by General Clone Banksy, a talentless nobody who once found a sample of Banksy DNA on an empty spray can. A rowdy gang of Tracey Emins wrestle half a dozen dazed Andy Warhols to the ground. It is the future and all forms of art are free, perfect replicas exist of every masterpiece ever created, copyright and ownership are meaningless, ideas are cheap and replicated ad infinitum. Artists have realised that their own identity is the only thing they can own or control, so fans become clones of artists in order to spread their art/identity. One final piece of uncorrupted art remains, yet to be copied: a living story told by Neonate Muses. Come and experience the living story and see how the world died with FoolishPeople's immersive, evolving performance in the ICA theatre. On the Saturday afternoon, a workshop with writer and director John Harrigan will give participants a chance to examine the core concepts of Dead Language: open-source myth, weaponised art and the future of intellectual rights within a dead culture.
Official Review by Emily Paget, read now
by Emily Welsh, read now
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Lucy Allin
Nicole Avraamides
Emma-Rachel Blackman
Andy Warhol Copy

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