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The first production from The UnderToad Theatre Company running from Tuesday the 24th - Saturday 28th of May at 7pm and Sunday 29th of May at 6pm.

A farcical send-up of modern psychology and sexuality, Beyond Therapy, which ran on Broadway has been re-set in the UK and traces the bizarre on-again, off-again romance of a couple who met through a personal ad.

Bruce and Prudence are horribly mismatched. She prefers the company of her cats and he's living with a gay man named Bob who is not at all ready to relinquish, or even share, Bruce's affections.

"Christopher Durang's characters have very little filter in what they say. Our usual social norms require us to behave in certain ways, but his characters suffer from a lack of impulse control."

As a result both principals go running off to their therapists, who are even madder than they are, which leads to an endless parade of sexual mix-ups and relationship neuroses.

The UnderToad Theatre Company cast are; Nadeam Millward, Hannah Wilkinson, Samantha Roberts, Lee McCarrick, Tiran Aakel, Joby Ingram-Dodd.

Directed by - James Kermack
Official Review by Elizabeth Eyre, read now
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Tiran Aakel
Dr Stuart Framingham
Joby Ingram-Dodd
James Kermack

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