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Pact by Clifford Oliver - Commissioned by the British Transport Police

You don't snitch - we all know the rules and we all know the consequences. But what if your own future is at stake? What if there's a chance that an innocent person will go to jail? What if that person is your best friend?
Ethan faces an almost impossible personal dilemma that will test him like never before...
Pact is Clifford Oliver's new interactive performance sparked by the many discussions that followed performances of Arc's acclaimed production of Boy X - the story of the aftermath of the stabbing of a 16-year old. Violent crime and gangs continue as central themes in this piece, which enters the challenging and taboo area of 'snitching' and the walls of silence that can prevent identification and conviction of offenders.
Clifford has developed Pact following fascinating, heated and complex conversations with young people about loyalty, trust and the human instinct to 'close ranks'. Performances of Pact will offer an opportunity to explore these difficult issues in a safe space.
With thanks to the young people from the BTP Young People's Advisory Group and The Millwall Kickz Project.
"Young people are our future and there is nothing more important for BTP and the police service than getting them on our side. Our work with Arc can help us engage with them both intellectually and emotionally, explain where we are coming from and through interactive drama understand better their point of view. That is a powerful and potentially life-saving combination." Superintendent Adrian Young, British Transport Police

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