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Cost £9-£10
A multi-award winning fire-cracker of a devised piece weaving dance, live video and piano score.
When neurologist Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor wakes up one morning and realises she is suffering from a stroke, she is given the extraordinary opportunity to study her own brain from the inside.
As she revisits old case studies her perception of the world changes irreversibly.
"On seated moving trucks the audience has its perspective constantly shifted s they are wheeled and spun about" - The Sunday Times
As the audience are wheeled around the auditorium, they are given glimpses of the mystery and beauty of the human brain.
Inspired by the work of Oliver Sacks and V.S Ramachandran, RETURN TO THE SILENCE is a total theatre experience.
"The company uses dance, speech, live and recorded video to create an imaginative and emotional landscape to what might otherwise seem dry neurological case studies..." - The Sunday Times
"Innovative theatre. I cannot praise this company highly enough"
- British Theatre Guide
"Visually striking and astonishingly creative, brilliantly acted across the board" - The Stage
Devised in collaboration with Chris Burgess (Neuroscientist, UCL) & Sense About Science

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