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Cost £15 (£5 for U21s first two weeks)
Tel0207 2619 876
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by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher

The Union Theatre 18 Jan - 12 February 2011
7.30pm (Tue-Sun,) 4pm (Sun)

In 2010 Methuen books controversially introduced this disputed drama of love, betrayal, rape and reconciliation into their complete works of Shakespeare. But were they right to do so?

Did Shakespeare write enough of it to justify it's inclusion or is it just an audacious 18th Century fake? Decide for yourself. Don't miss the first professional production since 1792.

Double Falsehood is a fast moving tale of young love, treachery and reconciliation. The Duke's youngest son rapes a village girl and sets out to steal his friend's bride. The aftermath of these traumatic events drives the four into the wilderness and the Duke's eldest son must find a way of reconciling everyone and reuniting the missing young people with their squabbling parents.

'This has got to be the perfect night out for Shakespeare fans. You get a thrilling evening of loyalty, villainy, vibrant poetry and surprisingly modern psychological motivation in a close encounter with what may or may not be a "lost" Shakespeare play, PLUS, you'll be able to show off afterwards with your own theories on the plays authenticity!', Phil Willmott (Director)

In December 1727, DOUBLE FALSEHOOD was premiered by English playwright and editor Lewis Theobald at Drury Lane claiming it was based on a lost play by Shakespeare and John Fletcher of 1613. The production enjoyed several popular revivals despite critics questioning its authenticity. The piece fell out of favour and into obscurity dividing academics as to its worth until 2010 when Methuen published the play as part of its scholarly Arden Complete Works of Shakespeare, igniting debate as to which, if any, passages are by Shakespeare.

Produced by Ellie Collyer-Bristow for MokitaGritProductions in association with The Steam Industry
Official Review by Dominic di Nezza, read now
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