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Cost £12.50 (£11 conc)
Tel01277 200305
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The Christmas family show aimed at kids from 4 to 11 (plus mums, dads, aunties,
uncles and grandparents too!)

A few words from Slug.....

Down with the Big Ones! Teach them a lesson - make their garden look a mess! They need to know ALL of the insects work hard in their garden!

Mr & Mrs Big One spend many happy hours digging the vegetable patch, planting seeds in the flowerbeds and pruning the apple trees. But the Big Ones, even though they own the garden, have no idea of what goes on here. Oh, they know if the flowers and vegetables are growing well, or if the lawn needs cutting, but there's a whole world in their garden that they will never really understand - the world of us insects.

I am Slug, and with my friend Maggot I love nothing more but to relax in Cabbage Patch Corner on a cabbage leaf or taking a nap on one of those glorious tasty carrots Mrs Big One is so proud of. Lunch time is at any time of the day!

Unlike my friends Red Admiral and Ladybird who are adored for their beautiful colours, some of us are not quite so adorable BUT we work hard too to keep the garden looking nice. We fear the HISS HISS HISS of the aerosol and the nasty smell of the repellant.

Well, I say enough is enough!! Attack the Big Ones' garden, eat as many plants and vegetables as possible, then we will see how beautiful their garden really is! My friends and I need YOU to come down to Brentwood Theatre, to help The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner to beat Mr and Mrs Big One and make them see that we can all work together to make their garden perfect once more.

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