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A new play by American writer D.E. Lillie as realised by director Marysia Kay.

The year is 1593 and in plague ridden London playwright Christopher Marlowe is entangled in a web of intrigue that reaches all the way to the Queen herself. In a London pub in the company of fellow writers William Shakespeare and Thomas Watson he will face his final days in a London filled with of deception, religion, politics, violence and stale beer.

Filled with action and intrigue, the drama traces the final days prior to the controversial "murder" of 16th century playwright Christopher Marlowe. Literary rivals but best friends, William Shakespeare and Thomas Watson try to persuade Marlowe to flee England before his enemies try and execute him for treason. That Christopher Marlowe was some form of spy and at the very least associated with confidence tricksters and criminals is certain - but to what extent was his death really an unfortunate bar brawl? Given the facts it seems almost impossible that events played out as described. His name associated with the politically hot topic of the Dutch Church Libel which caused riots and a closure of the play houses and with one foot in Catholic heresy and the other in atheism, Christopher Marlowe was a man courting disaster. Inspired by the many books about the topic, enjoy one potential explanation for the demise of Christopher Marlowe.

Marlowe penned Dr Faustus, The Jew of Malta, Massacre at Paris, Tamburlaine and Edward the Second. He was almost certainly recruited as a spy under Sir Francis Walsingham while he was a boy at Cambridge. The play is drawn from historical documentation and aside from the presence of Thomas Watson, who unfortunately for us died a year before the events of the play, and our final suggestion for Marlowe's fate, we have done our best to stick to the facts. For those interested in more information we recommend The Reckoning by Charles Nicholl.

Marysia Kay previously directed Hedda Gabler at The Bedford. She has also played Prospero in The Tempest and Olivia in new play Samadhi. Marysia is primarily a film actress with leading roles in Unwelcome, Colour from the Dark, The Scar Crow and many other films. See more at http://www.marysia.com/.

David Swain plays Christopher Marlowe. David began acting in 2004, and the bulk of his work has been in the realm of theatre with works ranging from Shakespeare (As You Like It (Jacques), The Comedy of Errors (Egeon), The Tempest (Caliban) and Hamlet (Hamlet)) to David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross) via Mark Ravenhill (Shopping and F***ing) and a variety of productions from new and upcoming writers. Ironically he has never done a Marlowe play. David's training includes courses at: Arts Educational, Birmingham School of Acting, Central School of Speech and Drama and East 15. See more at http://davidswain.co.uk

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