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A one-act comedy play, all over in 35 minutes. Are you a criminal? Are you facing a lengthy jail term? Got some cash to offer us? Then we'll get someone to do that jail stint for you, it'll only take one audition.

ATTENTION!!!! Seeking:

Man OR woman to play the heroic part of 'Aladdin' in a new and unique production. Only the best actors may apply, especially those who can connect with Aladdin's back-story as a character living off the streets, stealing food to get by. This rather rare acting opportunity will require the chosen actor to not only "murder" the lead role with significant talent, but also take on the role for the foreseeable future, bringing a whole new level to the term, 'Method Acting'. The required work ethos matches equally with the payment, and depending on how you look at it, this could be the only acting role you'll ever need, you'll literally be "robbing" us blind!

If interested fill out the forms, divulging as much detail of your personal life as possible. If you are struggling, just imagine that we have been "stalking" you all your life. Yes! We want to know that much!

We will be running criminal record checks on all applicants to make sure you fit our requirements. Understand that the process of "laundering" the applicants will take time, but know that no kind of "bribery" to gain favoritism with our officials will work, they are simply incorruptible.
Good luck!

AND remember, this is the chance of a life-term...I mean lifetime!

'A Criminal Audition'

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Pete Glover
Luke Kaile
Hannah Pratt

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