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London 2020. Smart, sophisticated and glamorous. The women have had enough. The men are always fighting and posing. No Peace - No Sex. Can You Live Without It follows a group of women on a mission to end the violence and bloodshed between two rival gangs.

Inspired by Aristophanes's Lysistrata, this new urban show invites you to discover the power of intimacy. When the wedding party of two young lovers descends into a battleground, a near tragedy forces couples to examine their relationships. By denying their men of all sexual contact, the women believe they can persuade their men to negotiate peace. The sex strike back fires and provokes a battle between the sexes. Friendships are tested and new bonds are formed.

With the men itching for their guns, can the women resolve this enmity between the gangs and initiate peace?

This dramatic show is laced with sharp wit, live music and explosive dance that brings vibrancy and edge. Heavily influenced by Hip Hop, Jazz and Motown, Can You Live Without It introduces fresh talent, The Street 2 Stage cast, who bring life to these extraordinary characters with an abundance of heart and soul.

Street 2 Stage is a collaboration between the Cochrane Theatre and DreamArts which brings together young people who create, produce and perform a new Urban musical.

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