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Women on Wine is a brand new comedy-drama themed on the drinking cultures, lifestyles and round table discussions of women in the UK. The play follows the spirited mission of 3 distinct and contrasting groups of women from London, all of whom are in search of exclusive (yet affordable) bridal attire - as well as the opportunity to catch up with "the ladies" over a few drinks. However things and people are not always what they seem (especially when alcohol is involved). The women are reminded of this when they "collide" and find themselves jointly detained in the security office of a luxurious bridal store in West Sussex. Captive for several hours with little air, and without food - the women seek refuge and comfort in a secret stash of wine! Together they drink, debate and reflect on life's trials and tribulations - but what happens when they sober up?

Colett Zacca, Clare Buckingham, Darrie Gardner, Davina Cole, Jennifer Nicholas, Linda Large, Renee Castle, Shakella Dedi, and Victoria Strachan.

By Shakella Dedi
Directed by R. V. Williams
Designed by Karl Walinets
Sound & Lighting: Ben Blaber
Costume / Wardrobe: Shenay Solak
Official Review by Deborah Klayman, read now
People involved
Clare Buckingham
Renee Castle
Davina Cole

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