Cambridge Fringe Festival - Mark Row

Welcome to the Cambridge Fringe Festival, an annual comedy extravaganza that captures the essence of artistic diversity, innovation, and expression. 

Situated in the historic city of Cambridge, Cambridge Fringe is a comedy festival and a vibrant platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their creative talents and engage with a discerning audience from all walks of life.

The Cambridge Fringe 2024 will take place on the 25th & 26th May 2024

Mark Row - A* in the Making - Revision Lesson

After 18 years as a teacher, Mark Row has had enough of the endless carousel of uninspiring lessons, inane questions and kids with attitudes that stink worse than their PE kits. So now he's seeking a new life on stage, but will the glamorous world of stand-up comedy really prove to be much better? Mark Row returns to Edinburgh with tales from the classroom for anyone who has ever been a teacher, been to school, or who just likes laughing at children. An outstanding lesson in how entertain!

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Sun 26th May 14:00 Cambridge Brew House Tickets
Sun 26th May 19:00 Cambridge Tap Tickets
Location: Leicester Square, London
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