Mozart: Her Story – The New Musical (In Concert)

The woman in the shadows behind the man in the sun.

Wolfgang's sister, Nan Mozart, is a brilliant composer who struggles to be seen and heard in the male-dominated 18th century court. When the young virtuosa, who is arguably more talented than her brother, is silenced and banned from all artistic endeavours, she rebels. In this untold story of the greatest composer of all time, two estranged siblings embark on a journey of love, hate, tragedy, and redemption.

Continuing the musical's tradition of creative radicalism, Mozart: Her Story —The New Musical breaks new ground as it marries Mozart's classics with over twenty contemporary originals.

Directed by Sean Foley
Produced by Tegan Summer Theatricals

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Dates & Tickets
Mon 22nd Jul 19:30 Lyric Theatre Tickets
Location: Leicester Square, London
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