Address King Street
Tel 0117 987 7877
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Capacity 645
Twitter @bristololdvic
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Bristol Old Vic is the longest continuously-running theatre in the UK and following a recent £12million redevelopment project, is now one of the most modern and comfortable with state of the art rehearsal rooms, a dramatically extended forestage and precision-engineered sightlines giving audiences an even more intimate theatrical experience.

Our mission is to create pioneering twenty-first century theatre in partnership with the people of our energetic city; inspired by the history and magical design of the most beautiful playhouse in the country.

We strive to be welcoming, professional and boundlessly curious; playful, ambitious and rigorous; resourceful, honest, and generous; collaborative, Bristolian and world class.

Come and play.

Bus. The city centre buses stop along Broad Quay and Baldwin Street about 5 minutes walk from the theatre. Drive. The M4 and M5 motorways lead into Bristol via the M32. Park. Limited meter parking is available on King Street and in Queen Square (£1.60 after 6pm). There is a multi–storey car park on Queen Charlotte Street. Follow this link for the nearest NCP car park information Cycle. There are bike racks two doors down from the theatre on King Street. Train. Bristol Temple Meads is 15 minutes from Bath Spa and 1 hour 45 minutes from London Paddington. The station is a 20 minute walk from the theatre. Taxis. Can be booked from the theatre: Streamline 0117 926 4001

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Tue 24th Jan 19:30 Pink Mist
Wed 25th Jan 19:30 Pink Mist
Thu 26th Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
19:30 Pink Mist
Fri 27th Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
19:30 Pink Mist
Sat 28th Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
19:30 Pink Mist
Sun 29th Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
Mon 30th Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
Tue 31st Jan 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
Wed 1st Feb 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
Thu 2nd Feb 18:30 Ferment Fortnight
Fri 3rd Feb 20:00 David O'Doherty
Sat 4th Feb 20:00 David O'Doherty
Sun 5th Feb
Mon 6th Feb
Tue 7th Feb
Wed 8th Feb
Thu 9th Feb 19:30 The Record
Fri 10th Feb 19:30 The Record
Sat 11th Feb 19:30 The Record
Sun 12th Feb
Mon 13th Feb 20:00 Blahblahblah: Love vs Cynicism
Tue 14th Feb 20:00 Miles Jupp
Wed 15th Feb
Thu 16th Feb
Fri 17th Feb 20:00 John Shuttleworth
Sat 18th Feb 13:30 The Bear
Sun 19th Feb 13:30 The Bear
Mon 20th Feb
Tue 21st Feb
Wed 22nd Feb
Thu 23rd Feb
Fri 24th Feb 19:30 Junkyard
Sat 25th Feb 19:30 Junkyard
Sun 26th Feb 19:30 Junkyard
Mon 27th Feb 19:30 Junkyard
Tue 28th Feb 19:30 Junkyard
Wed 1st Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Thu 2nd Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Fri 3rd Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Sat 4th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Sun 5th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Mon 6th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Tue 7th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Wed 8th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Thu 9th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Fri 10th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Sat 11th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Sun 12th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Mon 13th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Tue 14th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Wed 15th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Thu 16th Mar 19:30 Junkyard
Fri 17th Mar 12:00 Blah's Big Weekend
19:30 Junkyard
Sat 18th Mar 12:00 Blah's Big Weekend
19:30 Junkyard
Sun 19th Mar 12:00 Blah's Big Weekend
Mon 20th Mar
Tue 21st Mar
Wed 22nd Mar 19:30 Escaped Alone
Thu 23rd Mar 19:30 Escaped Alone
Fri 24th Mar 19:30 Escaped Alone
Sat 25th Mar 19:30 Escaped Alone
Sun 26th Mar 19:30 Escaped Alone
Mon 27th Mar
Tue 28th Mar
Wed 29th Mar
Thu 30th Mar
Fri 31st Mar
Sat 1st Apr 19:30 Life.
Sun 2nd Apr 19:30 Life.
Mon 3rd Apr
Tue 4th Apr
Wed 5th Apr
Thu 6th Apr 19:30 Messiah
Fri 7th Apr 19:30 Messiah
Sat 8th Apr 19:30 Messiah
Sun 9th Apr 19:30 Messiah
Mon 10th Apr 20:00 Blahblahblah: All the things I lied a...
Tue 11th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Wed 12th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Thu 13th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Fri 14th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Sat 15th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Sun 16th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Mon 17th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Tue 18th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Wed 19th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Thu 20th Apr 19:30 La Strada
Fri 21st Apr 19:30 La Strada
Sat 22nd Apr 19:30 La Strada

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