Address 96 Finchley Road
Tel 0871 22 44 007
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ODEON is the largest cinema chain in the UK, with over one hundred cinemas. ODEON entertain more people in the UK than any other cinema chain accounting for nearly a third of all tickets sold in the UK.

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Matt Brock
Simon Dale
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Upcoming film screenings
Mon 31st Aug10:15
Tue 1st Sep10:15
Wed 2nd Sep10:15
Thu 3rd Sep10:15
Mon 31st Aug13:45 18:15
Tue 1st Sep13:45 18:15
Wed 2nd Sep13:45 18:15
Thu 3rd Sep13:45
Mon 31st Aug12:00
Tue 1st Sep12:00
Wed 2nd Sep12:00
Thu 3rd Sep12:00
Mon 31st Aug11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00
Tue 1st Sep11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00
Wed 2nd Sep11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00
Thu 3rd Sep11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00
Mon 31st Aug14:30 16:30 18:40 20:45
Tue 1st Sep14:30 16:30 18:40 20:45
Wed 2nd Sep14:30 16:30 18:40 20:45
Thu 3rd Sep14:30 16:30 18:40 20:45
Mon 31st Aug12:15 15:00 17:45 20:30
Tue 1st Sep12:15 15:00 17:45 20:30
Wed 2nd Sep12:15 15:00 17:45 20:30
Thu 3rd Sep12:15 15:00 17:45 20:30
Mon 31st Aug16:00 20:45
Tue 1st Sep16:00 20:45
Wed 2nd Sep16:00 20:45
Thu 3rd Sep16:00
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