Official Reviewers: Application form

So you'd like to be Official Remotegoat Reviewer? Fantastic! is constantly seeking quality reviewers to help review comedy, film, music and theatre events in their area.

At this time is run entirely free so we can't pay for your time but you could get to review great shows in your local area.

    What are the benefits of becoming an official reviewer
  • You can pick and choose from the hundreds of events is asked to review each month.
  • You'll receive 2 complimentary tickets to each event you are assigned to review.
  • All your reviews are published on remotegoat, a great way to build your portfolio.

    What is expected of you, as an official reviewer
  • We'll expect you to submit a 200 to 500 word review of each event you are assigned to review.
  • We'll expect you to turn in your copy within 2 days of the show.
  • We'll expect you to turn up on time and act both responsibly & professionally whilst reviewing for

    How to become an official reviewer
  • First, please complete the form below so we are able to contact you.
  • Next you'll be asked to submit an example of your work (more about that later).