"More Fun the Second Time"
by Saul Reichlin for remotegoat on 12/04/11

If Pinter and Becket are not enough, add a helping of Sobchak, a dash of improvisation, and even a flavour of Gorky, and this most enterprising of companies offers up a Smogasbord of theatrical flavours. Affecting to be surprised at the result, director, playwright and master of experimental theatre, Victor Sobchak, looks at you with the sort of bemused innocence he must have employed when Brezhnev's KGB escorted him to his Siberian 'residence' for being an artistic revolutionary.
The intellectual and artistic giants Pinter and Becket, so enamoured of each other's work, gave the world characters articulating, in Becket's case, the unexplainable human condition, Pinter's 'Comedy of Menace' famously exploring domination and submission, both defining the 'Theatre of the Absurd' in their own ways. With tongue in cheek, and more than a little chutzpah, Sobchak is not afraid to give us his take on the work of heroes.
And here they all are. As you might expect, with the writers on show, it is not necessary to describe in any detail the events. Would it actually help? More it is for the spectator to revel in both the tantalising material, and this Theatre Collection company's powerfully atmospheric delivery of an all too seldom seen theatrical style and content.
With uniformly top quality performances from Jolyon Westhorpe. Isla Johns, Yannis Alexiou, Luca Pusceddu, Cradeaux Alexander, Sophia Sinclair, and Siane Medoes, this engrossing piece was like discovering the greats afresh, and it brought a continuous smile of gratitude for an escorted walk down a well trodden path and making it seem new and unexplored.
A gem. Catch it while you can.

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