"'I wanna Dance with Somebody'"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 24/05/10

From what little I've heard of Mi Ami's latest release 'Steal Your Face', Latin Lover seems to be one of the most accessible tracks on on the album.

Scratchy guitar solos, up-beat drum beats and crazed vocals aside this is definitely far more dancey than the other stuff, especially when he demonically screeches the chorus of Whitney Houstons 'I wanna Dance with Somebody'.

It's an electronic craze coming hard and fast, it doesn't give you time to assess what you're listening to, you either love it or hate it immediately. The constant sense of movement and alteration of sounds really make it hard to lose attention.

After a chaotic mess of uncontrollable bass, guitar noise, yelps, screeches and pretty mental drum work, Mi Ami end the track as they started it - intoxicated dancing all over the place.

While this is a great track with passion, excitement and fun, the overwhelming amount of stuff going on on it will make it hard for a lot of people to play more than once. It doesn't ask for continuous plays though, and if all you need is to hear it once, that's enough.

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