"Tassel bombs and French knickers"
by Lorraine Smith for remotegoat on 25/07/09

BBW Burlesque believe big is beautiful. I, on the other hand, believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that sexiness is a state of mind. And these ladies clearly have sexiness on the brain!

So I drag my puny boyish figure down to the slightly odd Inn on The Green (a pub that reminded me of my old rugby club house), to an event full of big ladies and curvy lovers. I am immersed in a niche world I doubt I would ever have the pleasure of experiencing anywhere else. The audience are raucous and extremely supportive of all the acts; whooping and clapping along, especially when the nipple tassel twirling ends every single act.

The first few performers could have done with a bit more rehearsal of the actual act of taking off their clothes; avoiding the awkward moments of stuck bra strap clasps and undone suspender belt grips, as well as working on their overall performance quality. A tip for a certain rockabilly bump and grind act - if you don't look like you're enjoying it, the audience will feel awkward watching you!

Effie Vescent performed a charismatic act to accompany her gramophone, in a beautiful 1950s outfit. A great eye for detail and a very flirtatious attitude made this simple theme really work for her (and the audience). The tease was really built up, with the final tassel twirl only lasting for a few fleeting seconds.

The final act was by a short and very cute WW2 flight Corporal wearing a very well crafted, sexy uniform. The look was perfect, the build-up just right, and the tassels were well within the theme of the Corporal 'releasing her bouncing bombs'!

To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect at this event, maybe just some bland burlesque? But what I got was great rockabilly music by DJ Suave and some professionally formed burlesque acts. It's a shame some of the Camden Council representatives weren't there to see how very different burlesque is to strip clubs! These women were so empowered by performing their acts, and the whole night was a fun celebration of the female body. Women being confident about their bodies really does equal attractiveness, whatever your shape or size. Keep up the good work ladies!

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