"Best free entertainment in London?"
by Nathan Brent for remotegoat on 21/10/08

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour at The Swan Pub is possibly the best way to spend a Saturday night in London. It's free!

TFRH have been performing for a little while now in London. To the best of my knowledge they have only just started to perform on weekends.

TFRH present old style radio plays, in costume, creating all their own sound effects. Each night presents a set of different tales in different genres but all with a comedic flavour.

Apart from being well written and very well performed, watching the actors flawless choreography to get in place to create the sound effects is amazing.

If I had any grumbles, it would be that The Swan is a 3 star venue for the performance. There were problems with crowd noise, making bits of the plays hard to hear, and it was pretty crowded. However, the availability of barbecued food at interval was sheer genius (wish I'd known beforehand, I wouldn't have had dinner!).

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