"Judy reveals the real soul"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 02/05/14

Gregoire Aubert is a performer which everyone needs to watch. 'Judy Speaks' is based on actual tapes that the legend herself recorded before she died. The fact that this is rarely performed goes to show the insightful mind that Aubert has when he puts together a show like this, especially when he produces something that tugs at everybody's heart strings with a vengeance.

When Judy recorded these tapes, she was considering writing a book that would blow everything out of the water. Gregoire captures the essence of this woman who enchanted everyone she met by engaging with the heartbreak, love, lust and dedication Garland had to her work and life. Despite the fusion of the American and French accent sometimes blurring and creating occasional misunderstandings of words, it did not detract from the pure raw essence of the fragility of the mind of one of the greatest icons of our time.

It is obvious from the script and the very simplistic approach he adopts, that the painstaking research he has undertaken to capture the vibrant soul of the woman who created a lot of mixed reactions is extremely accurate - she was either someone you loved or hated. The fact that she still inspires a lot of love as well as memories for well known songs such as 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and 'The Trolley Song' as depicted was brought to life with such sensitivity and decorum through her more drunken moments was duly noted.

But the main thing that was inspiring about this show was the sheer raw emotion behind the interpretation of Aubert that moved the audience in many ways. I even overheard one audience member say that despite her normally being a hard person, she was moved to tears by Judy's recordings.

This is a show not to be missed! Gregoire Aubert is Judy Garland!

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