"Psychic spoon unbending in Camden"
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 14/08/10

'Nathan Penlington encourages us to think twice before accepting the ridiculous claims of mystical pretenders'. James Randi

'Uri and me' is an obsessive deconstruction of the spoon-bending cultural icon Uri Geller, that fuses stand-up, spoken word, and psychic ability. The audience will get the opportunity to explore their own psychic potential as Nathan tries to duplicate Uri's amazing feats of mind-power.

In Nathan Penlington's hilarious new show we follow the mystical connections between the two men that led to an obsession. For example, devotees of numerology will be able to work out that Uri's number is 8, and Nathan's is 3, added up together they make 11 - a mystical number linked to many world events - and a number of great significance explored in one of Uri's many books. Just one of the spooky coincidences (or psychic links?) to connect the two men.

We get to hear extracts from the poetry, prose and song of the great man himself, as Nathan takes us on a fully referenced spoon bending tour of the career of Uri Geller. We also get to find out who is the most psychic in the audience, witness Nathan's own impressive psychic ability in action in a daring trick with a mobility scooter and the world's first psychic fork straightening trick.

And a few last emailed words from the master himself!

'Wow, I just discovered Nathan Penlington! He is skilled, talented, mastering a tangible force of visionary mind power. His latest show is simply supernatural! and Nathan delivers it with mystical sensitivity. I highly recommend it!'. Uri Geller

If you like your magicians with a healthy splash of scepticism, go and see Nathan Penlington's mind opening show, (an extra show on Monday added.)

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