"Sex-line drama falls rather flat"
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 26/03/10

Samantha's Hotline was 20 minutes late starting, as the performer was waiting for her friends to arrive, which didn't exactly endear her to those who were not her friends and had arrived on time. Sad to say, it was not worth the wait, or at least this performance was not.

The venue of one of the rooms upstairs in Upper Street's Albert and Pearl was an odd setting for a show, though not out of place considering the story is a monologue about a posh mum who starts a sex chatline when her husband runs off with his secretary.

The performer and deviser Sophie Gateacre seemed resigned to phone it in tonight - literally - but the characters she portrayed were not differentiated enough and it was hard to tell if the performance was so flustered by the late start, or if the shambolic tone was part of the play. But there are only so many laughs that can be had from sloshed-up innuendo focused around the rather tired premise of the sex-line.

Sophie Gateacre has been performing the show in different venues for a year and is obviously getting an audience, so maybe, like Samantha's clients, this was just a night when things didn't come together.

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