"Rose Elinor Dougall launches single"
by Jim Kelly for remotegoat on 10/06/09

As I alas missed my chance to interview Rose after the launch of her new single 'Stop/Start/Synth' - I have instead chosen to interview myself.

So who is Rose Elinor Dougall?

She is a pop chanteuse formerly of the Pippettes.

What does she sound like?

Well I've heard her described as an upmarket Kate Nash, but equally I've heard described as a downmarket Sophie Ellis Bextor (by someone old and bitter). I have never really listened to either of these people so I'll simply say Rose has a pleasant clear singing voice which is posher than her native Brighton vowels. Here are five other adjectives people have used to describe her: sassy, super, lovely, folky, short.

What was the new single 'Stop/Start/Syncro' like?

Probably her strongest song of the set, it might well end up getting some airtime and becoming a favourite with trendy teens and outdoor workmen everywhere; but only if the weather improves. Its a summery sunshine sort of song fun to dance to. You can hear it on her MySpace page.

What about her performance?

Occasionally her voice became a little swamped by her backing group, the songs might benefit from allowing her singing to lead more. She seems to be growing into a style. Less singnificantly she has an odd habit of continually scratching her head as if it were infested with jiving knits.

So were you impressed?

I am always by people who can sing in tune, dance in a vaguely sultry way and play the electric keyboard at the same time. It was a small but pleasant miracle of multi-tasking. I was also very impressed that she could sing through her fringe without choking.

When is the full album out?

According to Kim, the lovely luminaire PA, sometime in September.

Would you?


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