"Miranda Hart has strong competition"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 05/04/15

Jo Burke’s hour long production, ‘iScream,’ is a quirky, funny and unapologetic comedy that’s not only stand up, but also, ‘An audience with…’ A whacky performance complete with music, Queen dress up and celebrity questions, this performance is not one in which the audience are encouraged to merely sit and watch.

Burke’s production covers various themes from her unfortunate string of bad luck from taking two productions to the Edinburgh Fringe, the world of online dating and cringe-worthy but embarrassing moments. It’s a bold, ‘loud and proud’ and honest production that uses music, Jo’s own hilarious, voice over of inner thoughts and even some costumes. As a comedy it’s a little rough around the edges with a couple of technical difficulties, however, these were well recovered from. There’s some work needed around the sound, and potentially around the transition from one skit to the other, but even this gives the production a little added charm.

It’s clear to see that Jo Burke’s performance originates from a very poignant moment in her life that would stoke the fire in anyone’s belly to ‘grab life by the horns’. It’s touching and certainly moving, and being in a small, intimate venue you get to see the Jo Burke behind the comedy, that is, Jo Burke the writer.

It’s a rollercoaster of a comedy that shows real promise, and Jo Burke is certainly a talented performer with some wonderful impressions up her sleeve. Honest, unapologetic and charming I’m looking forward to more work from this great comedienne.

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