About Vultures
Vultures started as a discussion that led to a noise making venture which has taken on it's own life and is carrying us with it. The musicians involved come from industrial, jazz, improv, rock, classical, and various goth style backgrounds. We never know where Vultures is going to take us, but we are unbelievably excited to see how various combinations of these influences will manifest themselves into new, exciting sounds with which we hope we can entertain and inspire others to do the same!.. Vultures has been honoured to have a track included on Mrs. Vee Record's latest noise compilation entitled Manifesto. The track is a remix of one or our recordings made at the Tower of Music by Scott Robinson and it features the Tiple playing of Jade Dante, Columbian composer and electronic and traditional music artist (go here to Seesar's page for more information about Jade Dante and his work in London.)