UPLOADING Event & Film Times via an XML Feed

As well as uploading events directly to remotegoat.com we also offer you the ability to automate this process by getting remotegoat to add your film screenings and events from an XML feed.


DOWNLOADING Event & Film Times via an XML Feed

remotegoat.com now lists details of 42,051 venues and 1,943 upcoming events.

We work closely with a number of venues, promoters and website to help distribute this events information as far and wide as possible.

There are no charges for using the remotegoat.com feeds available below, although you will need to register and agree to our feed usage terms in order to use this data.

Use of the data is only available under our specific feed terms, so please ensure you have fully read and understand these terms before integrating with remotegoat.com.

We offer the following free feed services:

  • Direct XML feed of 1,943 next 7 days of upcoming events [updated daily]
  • Direct XML feed of 65,586 next 7 days of upcoming film screenings [updated daily]
  • Direct XML feed of our event reviews [updated daily] link to XML

Use of these feeds are intended for strictly non-commerical purposes, and whenever you use these feeds you will need to link back to the remotegoat website. Should you like to use the feeds for commerical purposes you'll need to contact our admin team directly.

Our team as also happy to supply custom feeds, for areas, categories or including additional fields, just email us.

If you do develop something interesting, please let us know as we'll probably be happy to promote it to other remotegoat.com users.

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